kylie jack | ux advocacy and design transformation

I’m a Product Designer and UX strategist with over 20 year of experience in software development and design. I am a problem solver and systems thinker. I craft and evolve products and services to make a positive impact on people's daily lives, from work to play.

I've worked in a variety of roles (developer, designer, researcher, project manager), but I focus on user experience design and leadership, because I love engaging directly with users and customers. My specialties include product development, design team management, interaction design, information architecture, user research, and usability testing.

I’m experienced.

Overall Management
25y in software industry
companies and positions
13y managing departments 5–20 FTEs
8y leading teams 4–8 designers/devs
5y managing off-shore, 4–12 devs
Company Type Skillset
11y as co-founder of 2 startups
10y at agencies and consultancies
10y at 3 product companies
12y product management
16y UX design
14y software programming
6y project management
4y user research

I have breadth…

I worked for 5 years doing UX design and research consulting at agencies for clients like Amazon, Apple, CapitalOne, Dell, Mercedes Benz and Novo Nordisk. Many product companies are leery of UX designers because we typically don’t work over a full product cycle.

However, my agency experience allowed me to work on mobile apps, embedded systems, enterprise applications, and design systems. I also learned different organizational, management, and team styles.

and depth.

I have 10 years of product management experience from running my own startup, Front Gate Tickets. I was responsible for our entire product suite and worked iteratively over the entire product and service lifecycle from research to design, development, production, and analytics.

I understand the unique challenges of balancing customer functionality versus end user experience versus constraining the sprawl of a product as it grows.

I’m collaborative…

My specialty is not just design; I help teams work together harmoniously. My unique perspective from working as a designer, developer, and project manager helps me bridge different teams that often find themselves in opposition to each other.

I’ve managed teams from three to 20 people—as a department manager taking care of budget, winning work, and mentoring people—but also as a team lead of designers and developers, and I’ve managed off-shore staff and vendors as well.

Whether I'm managing a department in a matrixed workplace, or within a product or project pod, I strive to help different teams work together, and to help team members solve conflict and work toward common visions and goals.

and I work well by myself.

At projekt202, I was known for being able to prototype applications rapidly without much detail. For one client, I was given a two-page “design doc”: within 32 hours I produced a visually polished, interactive Axure prototype that they were able to use to win a longer-term contract with their prospective client.

I have a proven track record.

Sales is not my wheelhouse, but at projekt202, I lead my team to win $850,000 of work in 2018, making my UX team the highest source of revenue that year in Seattle. When I started in our Seattle office, I was the only designer, and I grew the UX practice to eight people over the course of one year.

Front Gate Tickets, which I co-founded as Director of Product,  was successfully acquired at 10x EBITDA by one of our foundational clients.

I make tough choices.

My passion is helping other people enjoy work together to build amazing products and services. I value both the importance of a products having durable business cases while also meeting core needs for users and customers, and I believe these values are not in opposition to each other.

Knowing what's best for the user or the business is not the hard part: where I excel specifically is within the challenge of negotiating balance between user and business needs, justifying design and product decisions with both qualitative and quantitative data, and also valuing my own and others' wisdom and intuition.

With over a decade of experience in design (more recently), a decade of development (prior) and 6 years of project management throughout, not only do those unique experiences and perspectives give me that wisdom, it also  helps me bridge different teams that often find themselves in opposition to each other.

I look forward to working with you!