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i write bouncy synth pop and odes to 80s dance and new romantic styles. don't expect completed work here—these are demos, sketches, and works in progress.

curl under

An experiment in constrasts: a mournful, acoustic trip-hop sound for verses, followed by a bombastic triumphant chorus. Looking forward to making huge vocals for it with a harmonizer.

fall over

The epitome of my bouncy synthpop style. I've been trying to get a good bass slide effect with pitch bend, but it turns out automating the portamento setting is the way to go. Plus, there's lots of handclaps in it; I love it.

seattle rain

I made this for a music challenge with the goal of "reflecting the season." Here in Seattle during October is gray and wet, so I wanted it to sound chilly, but not melancholy. Nothing a little trio of upright bass, Hammond organ, and piano can't handle.

pickle normal

idek. A rolling fuzzy bassline with the odd sample thrown in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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